Phil Bo


Phil Bo makes music. Physically in Vancouver but spiritually cosmic. His music is a soundtrack to your life. A multi- instrumentalist whose live show is a one person band centred around live looping. In the studio it's all about creating spacious music that breathes, sonic waves crashing into you leaving you with a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.



Phil Bo is a multi-instrumental multi-directional Musician and Producer and a lifelong Vancouverite. Live, at numerous bars, breweries and private events around town, he is a Loop Artist who uses his voice, guitar, drum pads and ambient sounds to create layered stacks of a full band sound. He is most known for a soulful blend of smooth bass lines, carefully constructed guitar melodies, fat drums and percussion and tenor vocals, dubbed "GuitaRnB". With every Phil Bo show, you will find an eclectic mix of your favourite songs from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's all created live on the spot, covered in a truly unique way. 

In the studio we find emphasis on soundscapes, luscious long lasting breaths of reverb, sonic waves crashing into the shoreline of your ear drums, granular gritty drums and nostalgic recordings of day to day life. His latest release ‘Stand Along’ centres around recordings taken by hand held tape recorder of walks around various neighbourhoods and cities in British Columbia. Those recordings were then played through different guitar pedals while altering the speed of the tape resulting in dreamlike atmosphere. From there, instrument by instrument was layered overtop the field recordings. The songs are eerily familiar yet unique with musical sections introduced only to be waved goodbye to just as you were getting used to them. This tension of brief musical changes keeps you on edge while the recordings of day to day life remind you of many emotions felt through nostalgia. Charge your phone, go for a long walk and listen to this album to truly feel the full connection of the album’s intent.


Email me: pbomusic@gmail.com